genuine swedish heritage.

Garments that stand the test of time. Made in Sweden from 100% Swedish wool.

A man and a woman are wearing undyed wool jackets. The man is looking up at the sky. The woman looks at the camera.

naturally better garments that leave no trace.

The Jämtland Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt that looks like cotton. Feels and warms like wool. From the finest jersey every made from Swedish wool.

A grey sweatshirt floating in mid-air

Findor vadmal

Vadmal is a woollen cloth made from worsted yarn that is loosely woven and then felted for rain and wind resistance. A NEW SWEDEN have revived this ancient technique for our Findor vadmal collection.

A woollen vest laying on a large rock formation

We take complete ownership of our products, cradle to cradle.

We make no compromises to the environment, animals, people, or to our garments.

stories from a new sweden

Self-sufficiency in Jämtland

We visit Tova and Mathias who are homesteading in Jämtland to find out how it is to live on one’s own means.

Keeping Sámi traditions alive

Lars-Jon Gråik is a Sámi reindeer herder based in Jämtland. We meet him during the autumn gathering to find out what it is to herd reindeer now.
“A NEW SWEDEN is turning fashion on its head by making clothes from Swedish wool”
“A NEW SWEDEN has the potential to transform the international wool industry”
“Brands like A NEW SWEDEN are helping absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than is released during farming”