Findor Felted Vadmal

The wool is washed and spun to make the highest quality wollen yarn, in Biella, northern Italy.

In Bollnäs, Sweden, the yarn is later woven into cloth with a twill technique, using ten threads per square centimeter. The twill weave gives the fabric a bit of stretch even when felted, and helps protect against wind and water.

The woven fabric is then felted at Sjuhäradsbygdens färgeri in Kinna, Sweden. By using water and friction, the fibers latch on to each other and the fabric felt, creating a natural wind and water resistance. We add a bit of all natural soap made from Swedish trees by Hälsinge Såpa to easier felt the fabric. It is then dyed at the same factory using only GOTS certified dyes, with a very strict waste water treatment. The ready fabric is then steamed and pressed, packed onto a roll and sent to the sewing factory in Sweden.

Weight // 580 gram per m²
Yarn // 100% Swedish woolen yarn exclusively spun for A NEW SWEDEN
Yarn size // NM7/1
Fabric // Tweed weave 10 threads per cm²

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