Our 15 Year Warranty

Updated 16 November 2022

We want the garments you buy from us to be the only ones you will ever need. This is why we offer a 15 year repair warranty on our key pieces.

The warranty

If your A NEW SWEDEN garment picks up a hole, a seam opens up, or any other issue attributed to regular every day usage, we will repair the garment to the best of our atelier's ability.

You cover the cost of the shipping and associated taxes if applicable, and we cover the cost of repairs.

If you would like to use the repair warranty please contact us.


We do our best with all repairs. In the case of a garment not being repairable to a satisfactory level, you have the choice of us returning the garment to you, or leaving it with us to turn into new products.

Should you decide to leave the garment with us at end of life, we will offer you a credit towards a new garment.

Garments that have been machine washed on an incorrect cycle are not covered under this warranty.

What happened to the lifetime warranty?

Anyone who purchased a garment before 16 November 2022 will still receive the lifetime warranty. We are moving from a lifetime warranty to a 10 year warranty because we don’t know if we will be around for an actual lifetime. But we do definitely hope we will be around in 15 years time. And if you and your garment are still around then, we hope to be there to repair it for you.