The most sustainable sweatshirt.

When we envisioned the Jämtland sweatshirt, we wanted to create the most luxurious, versatile and reliable garment in your wardrobe, and we wanted to do it in the most natural way possible.

By making it in Sweden from beautiful, high performing Swedish wool, and tailoring it with a generous but smart fit, the Jämtland garment is just as comfortable on a forest adventure, as it is on date night, or around the house and on the sofa.

A naturally better fabric.

For a naturally better sweatshirt, we created a fabric from Swedish wool that naturally outperforms every other material on the market, natural or synthetic. 

Naturally breathable and sweat wicking

In addition to keeping you warm when it's cold, Jämtland Woollen Fleece wicks away sweat and allows it to evaporate, naturally cooling you down when you heat up. This garment is ideal for exercising in in cold weather, and as wool repels odours, you can wear it to your next meeting straight after.

Insulates when wet

Because the Jämtland Woollen Fleece is minimally processed, it retains the natural oils that help repel water. And when the fleece gets wet, it retains its ability to keep you warm.

Itch free

Although Jämtland wool is as fine as Merino, we brushed the reverse side for an incredibly soft feeling against the skin. Feels like fleece, but without any plastic at all.

Naturally easier to care for.

Low maintenance

Chemical and plastic treatments that make wool “easy to wash” miss the point.

Wool as natural as Jämtland fleece doesn't need to be washed anywhere near as often as other fabrics.

A light airing is enough to refresh the garment.

And when it does need to washed, the Jämtland sweatshirt can be machine washed in a wool programme, without spin, at max 30º.

Stain resistant

The natural oils also repel stains, meaning that a light hand wash with soap will get out what would ruin a cotton sweatshirt.

Odour resistant

And by avoiding synthetics fibre and treatments, we maintain wool’s natural antibacterial properties that keep odours away. Instead of washing to get rid of odours, airing the Jämtland sweatshirt will be enough to refresh it from campfire smoke or other smells.

Naturally leaves no trace.

Four-way stretch, hybrid fabric, DWR, Total Easy Care, cool-tech, made from recycled bottles—all of this is marketing speak for “made from plastic”.

Plastics are filling our oceans. We're breathing it, eating it. They are disrupting our hormones. And they stay around forever. Garments made from plastic shed microplastic. Not just in the wash, but even just by wearing them.

A NEW SWEDEN's mission is to make clothing that leaves no trace, with fibres that function as well, if not better than, synthetics.

Every aspect was examined to ensure that no synthetic chemicals or plastics made their way into our sweatshirt. We sourced entirely natural detergents to process the wool, using a soap derived from dairy by-product instead of one based on synthetic chemicals.