All weather.
All wool.
All Swedish.

Introducing the Findor Wool Utility Jacket from A NEW SWEDEN

The first jacket made in Sweden, from Swedish wool since your grandmother’s time.

The Findor Jacket is a modern piece made the traditional way. By hand, with pride, and with what's locally available.

A back view of a man of white Swedish descent wearing a grey sweatshirt, with a yellow embroidered Nordic cross just below his neck


Two colours. Hood or not.

Classic sweatshirt and oversized dress.

Incredibly tough for something so soft.

Wool is a wonder material. It regulates body heat. It retains warmth when wet. It resists odours. And now it looks great with the rest of your wardrobe. 

A woman of Swedish-African descent wearing a sweatshirt looks into the camera with the Stockholm archipelago in the background

Renewable to the button.

The Jämtland Sweatshirt has been crafted by A NEW SWEDEN’s founder and creative director, Lisa Bergstrand, who previously designed for Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Céline and Adam Kimmel.

A man with a shaved head of white Swedish descent wearing a grey sweatshirt looks into the camera with his arms folded

Our mission is to turn Sweden's waste wool into beautiful, timeless clothing, purposefully crafted for Nordic adventures

A woman of Swedish-African descent and a man of white Swedish descent wearing grey, sustainably made sweatshirts, posing in front of a body of water in Värmdö, Sweden

A new Sweden, an old philosophy

In Sweden, we always made the best from what we had.

We are continuing this tradition of using what Sweden has to offer.

Sweden currently destroys 70% of the wool it produces. We rescue this wool to turn it into beautiful garments that will last a lifetime.

Grey woollen yarn spun onto spools and shown in a box

There is seasonal, and there is eternal

Our garments are designed and manufactured to be relied on for years to come.

Timeless silhouettes. Premium materials. Quality construction.

A woman of Swedish-African descent, wearing an oversized grey sweatshirt dress, sitting in an old tractor, posing for the camera

No chemicals, no plastics.

A NEW SWEDEN believes in making clothing as naturally as possible.

Close up of pieces of woollen jersey fabric from the outside and the inside which demonstrates an intricate loop pattern