Lifetime Warranty

We want the garments you buy from us to be the only ones you will ever need. This is why we offer a lifetime repair warranty on our key pieces.

Currently our repair warranty does not cover accessories

The warranty

If your A NEW SWEDEN garment picks up a hole, a seam opens up, or any other issue attributed to regular every day usage, we will repair the garment to the best of our atelier's ability.

If you would like to use the repair warranty please  contact us with your garment number and full name.


While we will try and do our best with all repairs, this is not a replacement warranty. If the damages are too substantial for a quality repair, you have the choice of us returning the garment at our expense, or leaving it with us to turn into new products. As our inventory is constantly limited, no replacement will be offered.

Register your garment

If you bought your garment directly from us it is automatically registered.

If you purchased from a retailer, please email shop (at) with the garment type and garment number to register.