Rudsby Jord & Skog

Lit, Sweden

Ann Rudsby runs an expansive, organic farm in Lit, Jämtland, and is one of our suppliers of fine, responsibly farmed Jämtland wool.

Ann has about 90 Jämtland ewes. Each ewe produces about 2.5kg wool, and they are known for the quality of their fleece. As with all the other farmers we have visited, Ann earns a living from by selling them for the meat. Jämtland sheep were bred to have quality meat and fine wool. It’s a popular breed. Ann spins some of her wool at the local minimill, and likes to knit herself.

Every summer they change the grazing land for the sheep, to prevent diseases and for the land to rejuvenate. The sheep help turn the soil by naturally fertilising it.

One of Ann’s sons has opened a restaurant on the farm using as locally grown ingredients. Last time we visited her farm we had the opportunity to enjoy the amazing lunch on offer. We can recommend Nästgårds restaurant to anyone visiting Jämtland.

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