Rödje Gård

Rödje Gård supplied over half of the wool used for the first edition of our Findor Jacket. It is run by the Andersson family.

Rödje Gård

Erik Andersson and his wife Madeleine run Rödje Gård, with Erik's brother Anders. They are the sixth generation to take care of the farm. Their farm is between open fields and forest, with rolling hills behind.

We hear about Rödje farm through Matilda Andersson (pictured above with Erik). Matilda is the daughter of Anders Andersson, and the niece of Erik and Madeleine. Matilda is the president of the Swedish Sheep shearing association. She sheers 12,000 to 15,000 sheep every year, and shears all the farm's sheep.

Dozens of sheep grazing in a field

Erik and Madeleine used to farm pigs, with no intention of starting a sheep farm. But Erik's wife Madeleine wanted to have a dog. As Erik does not like dogs, he got her three sheep instead. That was in 1997 and now they have about 400 ewes… and no more pigs. 

Erik and Anders believe in renewable energy. They are part owners of a wind power plant, and one third of the farm's energy comes from solar panels.

A barn in an open field, with hills in the background, with an array of solar panels on the roof

Not having any buyers for their wool led to Erik mixing the wool with manure to make a natural fertiliser. For him that was more sustainable than throwing it out or burning it. He said it made the grass grow great, but he would rather the wool be made into beautiful garments.

Large bags filled with old wool sitting in a barn.

garments from

Rödje Gård