Pewter of Sweden

The buttons on our garments are crafted by Pewter of Sweden from reindeer antlers. Pewter of Sweden are based in the north.

Pewter of Sweden

Pewter of Sweden is a small family owned company that crafts jewellery, accessories, fastenings and traditional items such as spun silver thread.

Our buttons were made to our specifications in their small workshop in a village outside Boden.

A woman is at an industrial drill with ear protection, drilling holes to make a small button.

Reindeers naturally shed their antlers every year, which are then collected by their custodians, the Samí, who sell them. Reindeer antlers can be used for decoration, jewellery and crafted into tools and cups.

Our Findor All-weather Jacket has buttons made in three different sizes. If you lose a button from your jacket, please contact us, and we will send you one of our spare buttons in the correct size.

A close up of a button being made. A thumb and forefinger, protected by rubber thimbles, grip a tiny button as a drill makes a hole in it.

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Pewter of Sweden