Herning, Denmark

After the yarn has been knitted to a fabric, Kemotextil washes the fabric with our proprietary all natural wool detergent.

After the yarn has been knitted to a fabric by Sontex, it needs to be washed. To do this we decided to work with Kemotextil, a long time partner to Sontex, located only a few kilometers away. 

For our sweatshirt main fabric, Kemotextil first brushes the back of the fabric to give it a very soft touch. Then the fabric is washed to get rid of any potential dirt or oil from the knitting machines. Since we try our best to avoid unnecessary chemicals, we developed our own detergent to be used for the washing. The detergent is made by Bio Gen Active from by-products from diaries in Jämtland, Sweden.

After washing the fabric is put onto a roll and sent to our sewing factory in Sweden.

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