Hälsinge Linneväveri

Näsviken, Sweden

Our main label is woven for us by Hälsinge Linneväveri. It is one of the few weaving mills left in Sweden today.

Urban and Maud, husband and wife, have run Hälsinge weaving mill for over thirty years. They make beautiful towels, curtains and tablecloths that they sell in their factory shop and online. All their products are of the highest quality.

Hälsinge Linneväveri works with linen from Italy and organic cotton from Greece. These are the materials that they use for the fabrics we commission from them.

We use Hälsinge Linneväeri’s gorgeous fabrics in places where we can’t find a Swedish-made, plastic-free substitute, and where there is no added benefit in using wool.. For example, the fabric for our care label, the cotton fabric that used for the inner pockets and plackets on our Findor All-weather jacket.

Heavy industrial machinery with spools of fabric lie still.


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