Ekeby Gård

Karin Ericsson’s family has been running Ekeby Gård since 1938, and are one of the suppliers of Findor wool for our all-weather jacket.

Ekeby Gård

Karin and Bengt Ericsson run Ekeby farm outside of Eskilstuna. 

Karin's family has run the farm since 1938, when Karin's grandfather arrived there. At that time, they had 400 ewes. The sheep had a very important job. They had to graze the grass of the nearby landing strip. If the sheep didn't do a good job, the planes couldn't land.

Now they have about 220 Findor ewes that they breed with Texel studs to get a higher quality meat.

Karin Ericsson, wearing a red polo shirt, stands in a field surrounded by her sheep who are grazing

The sheep still graze outside most of the year. And now they don't have the responsibility of looking after a landing strip. 

Karin and Bengt believe it is important to take care of their flock. They move the lambs every few weeks so they get different nutrients.

We bought all of the Findor wool they produce for our all-weather jacket.

A very happy sheep dog sits in the grass

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Ekeby Gård