Biella the Wool Company

As there are no longer places in Sweden that process wool at scale, we work with the world’s best wool experts in Italy.

Biella the Wool Company

Passionate about wool from an early age, Nigel Thompson stowed away from England to Italy on a wool transport.

After an extensive career in wool, he founded Biella the Wool Company. He has helped many farmers turn their wool into yarn or other products. Nigel prefers to work direct with producers rather than agents or distributors. Since A NEW SWEDEN buys all wool directly from the sheep farmers, Nigel was happy to work with us.

Biella the Wool Company carefully sorts our wool before it is sent for washing and spinning. All steps are done in the little town of Biella, in Piedmont, northern Italy.

Through Nigel, we have our wool processed at the best factories in the world that have been doing it for over a hundred years, and supply the world's best fashion houses.

The choice of scouring and spinning mill is made depending on the type of yarn need. And the choice of yarn depends on the type of garment we would like to produce. Our Sweatshirt is made from a thin worsted yarn that is combed before spinning, so all fibres lay parallel to each other. The yarn for our Findor jacket is a woollen yarn that is carded and has more protruding fibres. This is so that it will felt easy, since we weave and then felt the fabric for our All-weather jacket.

We lean heavily on Nigel’s knowledge of wool so we use less material to perform tests.

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Biella the Wool Company