Jämtland Wool Fleece

Our wool sweatshirt is made from black and white wool blended to get a natural grey melange color.

Our own specially produced yarn is combed and spun to have the highest quality in Biella, Italy. We managed to get the finest yarn made by Swedish wool. Two threads are twisted together for extra strength and get the yarn count NM36/2.

The fabric is knitted with 12 gauge, in Ikast, Denmark. A round knitting machine makes the fabric plain on one side and with a loop back on the other side, also called a jersey fleece.

Kemotextil in Herning, Denmark, then brushes the back of the fabric so it gets a very soft and fluffy surface. The fabric is then washed, using a special natural detergent made from leftover milk products in Jämtland, Sweden. The washed fabric is then rolled up and sent to the sewing factory in Sweden.

Contact help (at) anewsweden.com to request a sample.

Weight // 320 gram per m²
Yarn // 100% Swedish wool worsted yarn exclusively spun for A NEW SWEDEN
Yarn size // NM36/2
Knitted GG // 12 gauge

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Jämtland Wool Fleece