Meet our suppliers

We have been building a network of farmers, factories and craftspeople in Sweden and nearby to help us bring to life our vision for A New Sweden.

We knew the only way to be entirely transparent and traceable was to build up our own supply chain.

We are constantly updating this page to showcase the passionate people that work together to bring you the best garments ever made in Sweden.

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Our farmers

Norrbro Fårgård

certifierad ekologisk
Kälarne, Sverige

Norrbro Fårgård drivs av Margareta Jonsson och hennes man Björn som stolt är “gift med Övsjös vackraste fårbonde”.

Deras gård har en av de mest storslagna utsikterna i Jämtland, som de betande fåren kan njuta av under de varma månaderna.

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Föllinge, Sverige

Erika Winterlia driver en gård med ungefär 200 får. Av dem är ca 57 av rasen Jämtlandsfår. Erika älskar att jobba med får och deras ull.

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Rudsby Jord & Skog

certifierad ekologisk
Lit, Sverige

Ann Rudsby driver Rudsby Jord & Skog tillsammans med sin man i Lit, Jämtland. Ann tar hand om deras får. De har kring 90 tackor som varje vår får 1-2 lamm var.

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Rudsby Jord & Skog

Organic Certified
Lit, Sweden

nn Rudsby runs Rudsby Jord & Skog with her husband, in Lit, Jämtland. Ann takes care of all their sheep. They keep around 90 ewes and each ewe gives birth to one to two lambs every spring.

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Winterlia Farm

Organic Certifiable
Föllinge, Sweden

Erika Winterlia runs a farm with around 200 sheep, roughly 57 of which are of the Jämtland breed. Erika loves to work with her sheep and their wool.

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Norrbro Sheep Farm

Certified Organic
Kälarne, Sweden

Norrbro Fårgård is run by Björn Jonsson and his wife, Margareta—“the most beautiful sheep farmer in all of Övsjö”.

Their farm has some of the most stunning views in Jämtland, which can be freely enjoyed by the sheep who are free to roam during the temperate months.

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Work in progress

We are still cataloguing the rest of the partners who have helped us produce our garments. Come back when we've launched to see our entire supply chain.

Close-up of fleece cut from a sheep raised on an organic, ethical farm