Hälla Gård

Sundsvall, Sweden

Thomas and Jeanette Eriksson run Hälla Gård, outside of Sundsvall in Sweden's north. Their farm has been in Thomas' family for 400 years.

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Norrbro Sheep Farm

Certified Organic
Kälarne, Sweden

Norrbro Fårgård is run by Björn Jonsson and his wife, Margareta—“the most beautiful sheep farmer in all of Övsjö”.

Their farm has some of the most stunning views in Jämtland, which can be freely enjoyed by the sheep who are free to roam during the temperate months.

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Rudsby Jord & Skog

Organic Certified
Lit, Sweden

Ann Rudsby runs Rudsby Jord & Skog with her husband, in Lit, Jämtland. Ann takes care of all their sheep. They keep around 90 ewes and each ewe gives birth to one to two lambs every spring.

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Winterlia Farm

Organic Certifiable
Föllinge, Sweden

Erika Winterlia runs a farm with around 200 sheep, roughly 57 of which are of the Jämtland breed. Erika loves to work with her sheep and their wool.

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Wool to yarn

Biella the Wool Company

Biella, Italy

Nigel Thompson is the founder of Biella the Wool Company that helps sheep farmers turn their wool into yarn or other products. Since A NEW SWEDEN bought all wool directly from the three selected farmers, Nigel agreed to work with us. Biella the Wool Company first sort out all wool before it is sent for washing, tops-making and spinning. All steps are done in Biella in the north of Italy. 

yarn to fabric


Herning, Denmark

After the yarn has been knitted to a fabric, it needs to be washed. We did this at Kemotextil that are located nearby to and cooperate closely with Sontex. Our fabric was washed with a specially developed natural wool detergent from Bio Gen Active. Kemotextil also do other textile treatments in addition to washing. They brushed the back of our fabric for a softer finish.

Sontex DK

Ikast, Denmark

Sontex is a family-owned, Danish company with a long history of knitting jersey. With more than 80 knitting machines they can do pretty much any jersey knit. They helped us develop the perfect fabric for our sweatshirt from our unique yarn made of 100% Swedish wool.

fabric to garment


Gothenburg, Sweden

atacac is a Swedish based fashion studio founded by Rickard Lindqvist and Jimmy Herdberg. Atacac aims to redo the way to design, present, sell and produce garments. atacac started an in-house micro-factory to produce their innovative clothing. Today the micro-factory produces all Atacac garments alongside production for other local brands, including A New Sweden. The micro-factory today employs four workers including two tailors from Syria.

Atacac has made the cutting and sewing of our garments. They are based just outside of Gothenburg. We cooperated for months to find the perfect fit for our first edition. The cotton sewing thread was provided by us to avoid any plastic materials in our garments. 

details and finishing


Borås, Sweden

The yellow embroidery detail at the side and the small cross at the back, through the neck label, was made in Borås by Bamatex. They use a viscose sewing thread that is cellulose based, so it is biodegradable. 

Hälsinge Linneväveri

Näsviken, Sweden

Our neck label was woven by Hälsinge Linneväveri. It is one of the few weaving mills left in Sweden today. They work with linen from Italy and organic cotton from Greece.

Vägen ut! Kajskul 46

Gothenburg, Sweden

Vägen ut! Kajskjul 46 did the print on our neck label. They screen print on fair trade and organic textiles. The ink they print with is without PVC and phthalates. All their printing colours and textiles are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Vägen ut! Kajskjul 46 focus on social responsibility and only hire people that are unemployed and have a hard time finding a job.

other suppliers

A&E Gutermann

Gutach-Breisgau, Germany

After weeks of research we finally found a non plastic sewing thread that was thin enough to fit the sewing machines used for production. A&E Gutermann is a Germany company that makes threads in all materials and sizes. Unfortunately they did not offer organic cotton.

Bio Gen Active

Gällö, Sweden

Bio Gen Active has developed a natural wool detergent based on whey of byproducts from local dairies.

Bio Gen Active is a company based in Jämtland county, Sweden. They work with new innovations on environmental friendly cleaning products made without hazardous chemicals.

Are you interested in supplying us?

We are constantly building our network of Swedish suppliers, manufacturers, processors and craftspeople. Don't hesitate to contact us on info (a) to tell us about what you do.

Close-up of fleece cut from a sheep raised on an organic, ethical farm