Hälla Gård

August 12, 2019
Sundsvall, Sweden

Our month-long road trip to find suppliers for our 2020 garment begins with a six hour drive. Sundsvall is almost 500km south of Norrfjärden. It is where Thomas and Jeanette Eriksson run the farm that's been in Thomas' family for 400 years.

Thomas and Jeanette left their jobs and their small farm in Uppsala to take over Thomas' family farm in 2005. It is outside Sundsvall in the north of Sweden.

Running the family farm is a passion for Thomas and Jeanette. They both work other jobs to keep the farm going. Thomas is a part time fire fighter and an elected member of the Swedish Sheep breed association. Jeanette works at a local shop.

A man with close-cropped hair and glasses stands next to a woman with shoulder length red hair. They are both wearing black zip-up tops with the name "Hälla Gård" on them, which is the name of their farm. They stand outside a pale yellow, two-storey farmhouse made of wooden panels with intricately carved details on the porch. Two Swedish flags fly from the house.
Thomas and Jeanette Eriksson in front of their farm house

The farm has been in Thomas' family for over 400 years.  It sits on a hill with a stunning view of rivers and forests. The sheep have freedom to graze the hills in the summer. In the winter, when there's no food to eat outside, the sheep live in a spacious shed.

A woman with red hair stands on top of a hill, looking towards a man bringing sheep up.
One of the grazing pastures Hälla Gård keep their sheep on. Thomas is in the background bringing the sheep up.

They breed sheep for meat and sell it under their own brand. Not wanting to waste, they take care of the sheep skins and sell it in their farm shop and local markets. Thomas even has an apron set that he had made from the pelt.

Thomas tells us he has never been able to make anything of the wool. Twice a year after shearing, they had to throw it away, or burn it.

A pile of discarded wool sits behind a red-painted shed. Nearby there are scattered pieces of scrap metal, a tyre from a vehicle, and a wooden palette.
Wool from Hälla Gård's previous shearing, left to decompose

They have 150 Finull / Dorset ewes whose wool we have booked for our upcoming garment.

A NEW SWEDEN pay them 50 SEK for each kilogram of their wool. This is enough for them to pay for the shearing, which is one of the costs of having sheep. Thomas is very happy to finally sell their wool, and for it to be put to use.

Made with wool from

Hälla Gård