Our Journey to A New Sweden

Making clothing in Sweden from natural Swedish materials almost impossible with existing fashion supply chains.

To realise our vision, we've had to create our own supply chain from farm to factory.

Over the past year, we have researched materials that can be responsibly farmed on Swedish shores, and investigated how to turn these materials into the finest fibres for garments that will last a lifetime.

Hälla Gård

August 12, 2019
Sundsvall, Sweden
Our month-long road trip to find suppliers for our 2020 garment begins with a six hour drive. Sundsvall is almost 500km south of Norrfjärden. It is where Thomas and Jeanette Eriksson run the farm that's been in Thomas' family for 400 years.

Biella, The “Wool City”

July 28, 2018
Biella, Italy
In my search through the long Sweden after spinning mills that could spin my wool into a thin yarn, I unfortunately found that we do not have any worsted wool spinning left in Sweden. When I looked within a slightly larger radius I found a spinning mills in Germany and some options in just Biella in Italy.

The Jämtland sheep

January 9, 2018
Stockholm, Sweden
Lisa outlines the origins, history and purpose of the Jämtland sheep breed.

Winterlia Farm

November 17, 2017
Laxviken, Sweden
Lisa meets Erika and Johan Winterlia, a young couple who keep Allmoge sheep on their property and learn about the products they make.

Marbäck Tricot Factory

November 6, 2017
Ulricehamn, Sweden
After visiting farms around Sweden, Lisa turns her attention to production and visits Marbäck Tricot that has been knitting fabrics since the 1960s, when Sweden's textile industry was booming.

Lena Persson at Ullforum

October 3, 2017
Torsta, Sweden
During her trip to Jämtland county, Lisa meets up with Lena Persson who had been involved in the Jämtlands sheep project since 2004 at her small factory in Torsta.

Alan Waller, the Wool Guru

August 24, 2017
Gnesta, Sweden
Throughout her trip, Lisa has heard mention of the “Wool Guru”. Wanting to tap into his knowledge of working with Swedish wool, she pays him a visit.

Vemdalens Alpaca farm

August 19, 2017
Vemdalen, Sweden
Lisa visits an alpaca farm to see whether alpaca could be a viable option for the vision she has in mind for A New Sweden.

Norrbro Sheep Farm

August 18, 2017
Övsjö, Sweden
Lisa meets Margareta and Björn Jonsson who run an organic sheep farm with 300 heads of sheep in a beautiful part of Jämtland.

Ann Rudsby's Organic Sheep Farm

August 17, 2017
Hölje, Sweden
When visiting Ann Rudsby's farm, Lisa comes across a rare grey sheep whose wool is purchased for the first A New Sweden Edition.

Nirs-Pers farm

August 16, 2017
Brunflo, Sweden
The first stop in sourcing material from Sweden involves a stop at Nirs Pers farm which keep a breed of sheep unique to Sweden—the Jämtland sheep.

Hägra farm

August 16, 2017
Hägra, Sweden
Lisa visits Elisabeth Grenholm, owner of Hägra farm, who keep a small flock of Jämtland sheep and learns about shift grazing.

Our Vision for A New Sweden

July 1, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
In this post, founder Lisa Bergstrand outlines her vision for A New Sweden. Where the concept came from, and where we are going.