the first ever
100% Swedish sweatshirt.

A man with a shaved head of white Swedish descent and a woman of Swedish African descent stand side by side, wearing grey sweatshirts made from 100% Swedish wool, looking into the distance, against water of a lake in the Stockholm archipelago

The Jämtland Sweatshirt.
Made in Sweden, from Swedish wool.

We challenged ourselves to push what the materials available to us on Swedish shores are capable of.

The first Edition from A NEW SWEDEN is the Jämtland Sweatshirt—the definitive Scandinavian version of the wardrobe classic, made entirely in luxurious Swedish wool.

A back view of a man of white Swedish descent wearing a grey sweatshirt, with a yellow embroidered Nordic cross just below his neck

Not your grandparents’ wool sweater.

Wool is a wonder material. It regulates body heat. It retains warmth when wet. It resists odours. And now it looks great with the rest of your wardrobe. 

We worked hard to make a garment that carried all the benefits of a wool sweater, without it looking or itching like a wool sweater. Better yet, we did it without using cotton, polyester or chemical treatments.

A woman of Swedish-African descent wearing a sweatshirt looks into the camera with the Stockholm archipelago in the background

The last sweatshirt you’ll need.

The Jämtland Sweatshirt has been crafted by A NEW SWEDEN’s founder and creative director, Lisa Bergstrand, who previously designed for Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Céline and Adam Kimmel.

Lisa designed the Jämtland Sweatshirt with a timeless structure and classic tailoring to be in style for as long as it will last—a lifetime.

A man with a shaved head of white Swedish descent wearing a grey sweatshirt looks into the camera with his arms folded


Available in two styles.

Classic sweatshirt and oversized dress.


2 950


2 950


3 750

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