Norrbro Fårgård

Kälarne, Sweden

Norrbro Fårgård is run by Björn Jonsson and his wife, Margareta. Their farm has some of the most stunning views in Jämtland.

Norrbro fårgård is an organic farm run by Margareta and Björn Jonsson. It is located in Övsjö, Jämtland county on Björns parents’ land. 

Björn and Margareta have built a big shed custom designed for their sheep. They have about 300 ewes that they breed from.

There are many rules to follow in order to be certified as an organic farm. The animal feed must be 100% organically grown without fertilisers, and with organic manure. There are specific rules for shed space in winter for those who keep their animals inside, and compulsory to keep the sheep outside for most of the year.

Margareta shears the sheep herself twice per year. She can shear about 10 sheep per hour. Their farm sells the sheep and stud lambs to the meat industry. We have worked with Björn and Margareta from the start of A NEW SWEDEN in 2017, and we love visiting them and their sheep who have the most magnificent view of all the farms we have visited.

A woman with a sheep dog works towards a flock of sheep in an expansive field. There is a scenic view of a lake and mountains in the background.

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