Quality Garments,
Made in Sweden.
From Swedish materials.

A woman of Swedish-African descent and a man of white Swedish descent wearing grey, sustainably made sweatshirts, posing in front of a body of water in Värmdö, Sweden

A New Sweden, an old philosophy

In Sweden, we always made the best from what we had.

We are continuing this tradition of working with fine Swedish materials.

We only use all natural fibres from Swedish sources, and we process and manufacture as much as possible in Sweden.

Grey woollen yarn spun onto spools and shown in a box

Editions, not collections

Instead of putting out a collections, A New Sweden focuses on one garment—an Edition—each season.

Each Edition challenges us and our partners to innovate with materials and techniques.

Each Edition is months in the making, with research that spans the length of Sweden.

Close up of pieces of woollen jersey fabric from the outside and the inside which demonstrates an intricate loop pattern

There is seasonal, and there is eternal

Our garments are designed and manufactured to be relied on for years to come.

Timeless silhouettes. Premium materials. Quality construction.

A woman of Swedish-African descent, wearing an oversized grey sweatshirt dress, sitting in an old tractor, posing for the camera

About us

A New Sweden’s founder and creative director, Lisa Bergstrand, designed for nearly a decade in Paris at Céline, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, and at Saint Laurent after leaving her hometown of Piteå.

She wants to bring the effortless elegance from her past into a responsible and accountable future.

That future is A New Sweden.

A woman wearing warm winter clothes pulling bags of wool on a sled in a natural, snow environment

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